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An Empire Reborn

Chapter 1:

A/N: This was a very tedious chapter, and I’m very glad it’s done now. Now I can get to the entertaining stuff. If you like battles, ignore my complaining. I don’t like them, but I find them necessary for plot development. Annoying and tedious, but necessary nonetheless.

Title: An Empire Reborn
Author: ncfwhitetigress
Rating: PG-13
Warning: Violence. Yaoi, sex, language, etc. in later chapters will up the rating.
Summary: Vegeta's left Earth with new plans for the future and someone has gone missing. Goku has been sent to find that someone.

Chapter 2: Battle Royal

Vegeta swooped down and attempted to land a punch to Goku’s stomach, but the other warrior was lucky enough to just barely dodge. He could tell Vegeta was just toying with him.

Goku thought if he were to just turn Super Saiyan he could easily defeat Vegeta, so why was Vegeta even bothering with a battle in the first place? He felt inclined to point out that they were nowhere near matched in strength, but his curiosity to find out what Vegeta was up to suppressed his urge to end the fight swiftly.

He fought back, mostly staying on the defensive. He noted that Vegeta had gotten considerably better than the last time they’d fought, and Goku couldn’t help but wonder if the royal Saiyan had any tricks up his sleeve.

“Ah!” Goku shouted in pain, putting a hand to the back of his head where the other warrior had landed a hard kick, just moments before. The assault continued relentlessly.

“Oops! Sorry, Kakarott,” Vegeta spat in sarcasm, “I forgot how much brain damage you’ve already managed to obtain. Please forgive my negligence.” He threw a one-two punch combo at Goku’s face, missed once, but the second jab got the orange-clad warrior straight in the jaw.

“Hope you won’t be missing any of your teeth. I doubt you’ll have any by the time I get done with you, fool.” Vegeta sneered as he swung back for another punch.

“Enough!” Goku shouted in frustration and annoyance.

Vegeta ignored him and continued the attack.

“STOP IT, VEGETA!” Goku shrieked in anger, putting up a hand to stop him.

Vegeta halted in mid-air, just feet away from his opponent, with a look of surprise on his face.

“This is stupid, Vegeta. What are you doing? Why can’t we just talk about this first?” Goku pleaded, looking cross.

“Talk? You want to…talk?” Vegeta scoffed at Goku, entertained, as he slowly lowered his balled fist.

“What would an elite have to say to a holier-than-thou lunatic like you? You come here and start preaching to me like the local sheriff, but you’ve never read a law book in your life, especially not one from this planet. You’re disgusting. What could I possibly care to hear from a third-class, self-satisfied fool?”

Goku’s brow wrinkled. “Listen, Vegeta, I came here for a reason and it’s not because I want to be here. I don’t want to fight you.”

“Really? You sounded pretty enthusiastic about a battle back at the palace. What’s with the change of heart? Just realized you don’t really stand a chance, eh? That’s what I thought. Not only do you think you’re the law of the land, but you’re also a hypocritical coward!” Vegeta pointed an accusing finger.

The blatant insult and what Goku saw as Vegeta’s infantile unwillingness to negotiate pissed the lower-class warrior off. “SHUT UP, VEGETA, I’M NO COWARD!!!!” Goku bellowed in ire.

Goku suppressed the urge to pound Vegeta into the ground and somehow managed to force himself to calm down. He took a deep breath and then spoke again. “Why did you do it, Vegeta? Why?” Goku asked calmly, wiping away the blood oozing from his lower lip.

Vegeta snickered. “Why did I do what? I’m not going to talk to you if you aren’t even going to bother to make any type of logical sense.”

Goku snarled in response. He was sick of Vegeta’s rude and arrogant behavior. “WHERE’S TRUNKS?!” He demanded furiously, fed up, “Why did you take him?”

“Trunks? I’m not familiar with any Trunks.” Vegeta replied stubbornly, arms folded, although he knew perfectly well to whom Goku was referring.

Goku rubbed his temples, frustrated, “Bullshit, Vegeta! Bulma sent me here to rescue him. She said you just stole him right out of the infant ward hardly an hour after he was born. The surgeon hadn’t even removed his tail yet and you just snatched him. It’s sickening.”

“I did not steal him, first of all. He is my son and his name is Prince Vegeta XI. You can’t steal your own brat. You are a completely illogical, brain-damaged fool. Second of all, my brat has every right to have his entire body left intact. That woman had no right to order his tail removed, nor any other body parts she might disapprove of.” Vegeta insisted vehemently, brandishing his fist in a threatening manner.

“I’ve heard enough excuses, Vegeta. You can’t just take a baby away from his mother! I came here to get Trunks and I’m not going back to earth without him. I’m not going to fail Bulma. No matter what there is no way you can justify separating a mother and child like that. It’s wrong, period. No matter what planet you’re on or what the laws are, I’m not going to allow it. Now you have two options: give up Trunks voluntarily or I’ll make you give him up. I don’t care what it takes, but I’d prefer to not have to use violence unless it’s absolutely necessary.” Goku clenched his fists with determination and stared Vegeta down, waiting for an answer.

“Oh, no, please, Kakarott!” Vegeta pretended to cower before the other fighter.

Goku rolled his eyes at the sound of Vegeta’s usual sarcasm, yet Vegeta continued.

“I’m shaking in my booties, I swear!” Vegeta spat, pretending to beg for mercy.

Vegeta stopped his feigned shivering and put his hands on his hips, lowering his voice to sound dead serious, “What are you gonna do, idiot? Chastise me? Bad Saiyan, no, no, bad Vegeta.”

“Did you forget who the Super Saiyan is around here?” Goku asked, obviously not amused in the least.

Vegeta rolled his eyes in response to that. “Why, yes. I think I must’ve, considering how very much of a joke this all seems. You can’t be serious, clown. You’re not going to take my brat anywhere. Even if you had me broken and bleeding in the dirt I’d never tell you where he is. Not even if you were to resort to torture, which I know you’re too much a chicken to do anyways.” Vegeta sneered, peering at the other Saiyan with a look of disgust.

“Okay, Vegeta,” Goku said, trying to repress tendencies to respond violently. Vegeta’s stubbornness and seeming immaturity was really starting to get to Goku. He had to exercise much self-control at this point. “I’m giving you. One. Last. Chance.” Goku hissed slowly, pausing between words, “Repeat: One. Last. Chance. Tell me where he is or else.”

“Or else? Or else what?” Vegeta sniggered, still amused.

“Or else THIS!” The small mortal form that was Goku erupted on the alien horizon in a show of golden light and heat, power pulsing through every one of the earth Saiyan’s veins. The sheer energy from the transformation caused the ground to quake and tempest-like wind to howl.

After the energy levels of their scouters went off the scale, causing the devices to explode on their faces, the royal guards’ eyes practically popped out of their heads in shock and they looked to the Prince they’d been hired to protect, thinking he was on his own now. They made a beeline for the nearest shelter, which happened to be a large boulder several hundred feet behind Vegeta.

Vegeta, largely unaffected by the transformation save for his hair being ruffled from the blast of wind, scoffed at their cowardice. He looked back to the glowing figure hovering before him.

A very angry, very Super Saiyan Goku was staring him down fiercely, teeth visible and mightily clenched. He looked like he could’ve been a lion in another lifetime, with a golden mane like that.

The four Saiyan eyes, two a turquoise green, remained locked on each other, no words exchanged between the two most powerful warriors in the universe until the winds calmed down and Goku’s form was nothing more than a suspended light source, like the sun, causing no further weather disruptions.

Goku kept his eyes on Vegeta, who stared back mimicking the lower-classman’s dissatisfied frown.

During this moment of calm tension Vegeta’s demeanor changed sharply all of a sudden. His frown turned to a crooked smirk, which turned to a wicked smile. And his silence turned to a light chuckle, turned to laughter, turned to evil cackling. The guards peeked up from behind the rocks to see what the hubbub was all about. There certainly wasn’t anything that looked amusing to them.

“Oh, okay, Kakarott,” Vegeta tried to speak, roaring with laughter in between every phrase or so, “if you were ready to turn it up a notch already then why didn’t you just say so? I thought you might just want to spar around for awhile.” Vegeta finally managed to stifle his delight.

“No, but seriously,” He continued, “If you’ve had enough play time, then I’m all with you.” Vegeta pulled back his sleeves, preparing for the real carnage.

The royal Saiyan slowly started gathering power into the center of his being. He closed his eyes and concentrated on his core and on pulling all his physical, spiritual, and mental energy into that one spot.

Tiny pebbles on the ground started to jump and bounce as a subtle vibration traveled through the alien earth beneath them. The wind began to catch speed again and it swirled blankets of dust and foreign pollen around the two floating figures. Goku sneezed and rubbed his nose, then relocked eyes with Vegeta’s mysteriously changing form.

Tiny sparks of electricity, like little lightening bolts, began to encircle the other Saiyan’s limbs every now and again. They gradually became more active until Vegeta’s hair would’ve been standing on end if it weren’t for its natural erectness.

Vegeta released an enormous roar as the transformation overtook his entire being from the inside out and bolts of lightening shot down from the sky and roasted segments of vegetation below and around him.

His eyes opened slowly and Goku noticed they were glazed over and it was then that Goku realized what was happening. Vegeta had done it. He had achieved the ultimate transformation. Goku and his friends had previously believed the other Saiyan would never make that accomplishment. Supposedly one had to be pure of heart to do so, plus the legend only predicted there would be one. But no, it now looked like there were two.

Vegeta’s energized aura turned into an eruption of pure energy, pulsing and stirring the atmosphere around the royal Saiyan, his hair changing color.

Goku stared on in wonder, jaw dropped and eyes wide, as the two eyes staring back into his went from turquoise to black to turquoise to black and finally to turquoise again as Vegeta completed the transformation. Wind, dust, and leaves swirled around him and a golden halo appeared around his now heavily muscled figure, brighter than Goku’s and making Vegeta look like a God, as Goku had too following his first transformation. All hair on his powerful body began to glow gold, including the entire length of his tail, still wrapped around his waist. Goku was shocked.

The two Super Saiyans floated there in the air for a while, allowing time for the reality of the situation to settle in, that this was going to be no quick and easy contest, unlike Goku had probably predicted.

What’s worse, Vegeta had his tail back mysteriously and if he wanted or needed to, he could use it. How powerful could he become with a simultaneous Super Saiyan and giant ape transformation? Could he go ape at all while in Super Saiyan form? Goku had no way of knowing, so it would remain a mystery for now.

Despite the shock of Vegeta’s achievement, Goku was not about to back down on his mission—to retrieve a kidnapped newborn and return him to his mother Bulma Briefs.

After the transformation was complete the weather disruptions began to calm down. The royal guards, peeking out from the boulders, were astonished. They peered at each other with bewilderment and wonder and then back to the radically changed Prince of the bygone Saiyan race. They couldn’t help but react with optimism, knowing not only did the Prince have a chance against his extremely powerful foe, but also they hopefully wouldn’t be fired or thrown in the dungeon for failing to “protect” him.

Vegeta blinked his turquoise-green eyes a few times and smirked. “So any second thoughts about what you’re doing here, Kakarott?” Vegeta snickered with a tinge of sinister satisfaction at Goku’s more humble appearance.

Goku closed his mouth and his eyebrows became furrowed once more. He had not forgotten that he’d come here on a rescue mission. “Nope. No second thoughts.” He replied with certainty in his voice, “I’ve got a job to do and I’m not leaving until it’s done.”

“Or until you’re dead.” Added Vegeta, amused at his own joke. “Whichever comes first, right?” he added with another burst of laughter.

“Either way, this won’t be as easy as you thought, will it?” Vegeta removed his gloves, deciding to fight without them, and snapped a finger for the guards. Nothing happened. Annoyed at the delay, he turned around to face the guards, still standing behind the boulders whispering to each other.

“A-hem!” he cleared his voice loudly, getting their attention. They jumped up in realization and obediently flew over the Prince. The shorter one politely took the gloves and folded them up neatly.

The taller one bowed to Vegeta, only to receive a royal sneer for his earlier cowardice, and then peered over at the lower-class Saiyan in the orange gi outfit.

“Penuct!” Vegeta spoke to the taller man by name, getting his attention once again. He briefly spoke to him in the same language he’d spoken to the King in earlier, instructing the guard to go inform the King that he would likely miss dinner and wanted to be excused. Penuct replied affirmatively, bowed again, and then flew off to do the Prince’s bidding.

The shorter guard remained behind and got out of the two warriors’ way so that the battle could finally take place.

Vegeta cracked his knuckles and did a few quick stretches, all while keeping an eye on Goku, who stared back, somewhat rolling his eyes at the Prince for stalling. Goku had been tempted to ask a multitude of questions, but had held back on them, sensing that now was not the time, not during this period of hostilities between the two remaining purebreds.

“Alright, Kakarott,” Vegeta said, getting into fight mode, “you ready for a lesson?”

“Lesson?” Goku inquired, raising an eyebrow inquisitively, more than a little skeptical.

“Yeah, I’m going to teach you,” Vegeta said, throwing a kick into the air for emphasis on the word ‘teach,’ “how to respect not just royal rights, but paternal rights, on Planet Pellucid.”

“Planet Pellucid?” The name sounded unfamiliar to Goku.

“Yes, that’s the planet we’re on, idiot. Didn’t think to ask, did you?” Vegeta mocked.

“I’ll settle for a debate.” Goku shot back.

“I won’t. My brat is my brat is my brat and nobody questions that fact around here so long as I’m around, or else they will regret it, just as you soon will. I’ll make an example out of you, just wait. I ought to kill you for merely suggesting that you have any rights concerning my brat whatsoever.” Vegeta’s eyebrows lowered in warning as he brandished a fist threateningly.

“What about Bulma’s rights? This isn’t about me, Vegeta.”

“It’s not about you, even though you’re the one playing the role of policeman, jury, and judge all in one, huh? We don’t need you for that around here. We already have such services. And as for the woman, she has no rights to my brat. That is another fact that is not up for debate.”

“So you get to decide what’s right and what’s wrong according to your own preferences, huh?” Goku chided.

“Do you just want to chat or do you want to get this over with? I’m dying to get rid of you, and an argument can go on forever, whereas battles are much quicker. A fact that is very much to my liking.” Said Vegeta, clenching a fist.

“You started this ‘chat,’ Vegeta.” Replied Goku.

“You continued it.” Added Vegeta.

“As did you.” Goku shot back.

“Shut the fuck up and fight me, you punk. I’m ending it now,” Vegeta growled, starting to get annoyed at the endlessness of their futile conversation, not to mention he was getting uppity for the battle to continue, “with THIS!” Vegeta threw an energy blast at Goku to get him on his toes again.

Goku remained floating in the air after dodging the attack, waiting for a second attack. None came.

“Well?” Vegeta spoke up.

“Well what?” Goku replied, confused.

“Aren’t you going to attack me?”

To be continued...
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