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Appetizers while waiting Boxer&Rice's bday


Boxer and Rice's birthday is slowly drawing nearer. Can you believe this friday it'll be our tenth anniversary?

As I said in my previous messages contributions in story and art are still welcome and if you've problem to post them on the website you can contact me and I'll solve your problem.

Also I want to thanks the people who actually started commenting on the website, it's really motivating the artists/writers and they're usually replying. I say usually because if you're commenting on something very old there's odds the person left the fandom now . So all the more reasons for commenting and making the active members stay. Sooner or later we'll be hit by the Dragon Ball Kai wave and when it happens our golden age will return. Therefore we must keep Boxer & Rice as alive and friendly as possible.

Now it's time for me to present you the appetizers.


Last night I posted three messages in the encyclopedia section. They contains top quality scans of the various Dragon Ball Artbook. It represents more than 80 pictures. Some are almost never been seen on the internet. And as soon as I receive my Dragon Ball The Golden Warrior Artbook, I'll add more post and share the new and unseen illustration. The Golden Warrior was released in 2010 and it contains lot of new official art.

I hope you'll enjoy the hardwork, because scanning those page like this wasn't a piece of cake. Boxer & Rice always take prides in providing the best whether it is fanwork or official work.
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