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dbz_couples's Journal

Couples of DB/Z/GT
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This the first community dedicated to the couples of DBZ! Whether they be classics, like Goku & Chi Chi, Bulma & Vegeta, Krillin & 18, etc

The list goes on!

If you cannot read the image :

Post who your favorite couples are, made up or not (Anything from Goku/Vegeta to Marron/Uub)!


1. No harassing other members! Be nice!!

2. This is an open minded community. Some people may like yaoi (male/male) or yuri (female/female) couples! Please respect their preferences!

3. If you're going to post large pictures, or many pictures at a time, please use the LJ Cut Tag ( lj-cut text="whatever you want" , with < > around it )

That's it! Feel free to post pictures, short fanfics, or just reasons you like the couples!

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